Our Services

"Blessing Baskets"
"Blessing Baskets" are provided to individuals who are newly-diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  Blessing Baskets are filled w
ith a variety of simple and complex carb options for immediate use of treating low blood sugars, as needed.  Baskets can be delivered by a member of Type One Krewe to the home of an individual or to the hospital.  Each member of Type One Krewe is knowledgeable in, experienced with, and has a personal connection to Type 1 diabetes.  Members of Type One Krewe are willing to assist in practical applications and in implementation of the physician's instructions.
(*Type One Krewe does not dispense medical advice).

Monthly Support Group Meetings

Monthly Support Group Meetings are held for families living with Type 1 diabetes.  Meetings provide educational opportunities through speaker various speaker presentations.  Some meetings are reserved for play, socialization and networking opportunities.  

Support Group Meetings are scheduled on the second Tuesday of each month.
Please refer to the Type One Krewe Events Calendar on the Home Page for details.


Diabetes 101

Diabetes 101 is a basic Type 1 diabetes education class that is offered by Type One Krewe.  The education program was written by a Certified Diabetes Educator and is presented by a Certified Diabetes Educator.  It covers "basic training and survival skills for family, friends and caregivers of children and adults with type one diabetes."  Type One Krewe offers this educational program free of charge to families living with type one diabetes and extends it to grandparents, babysitters, teachers, and school nurses.  

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